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    Yinghua Copper Favored by Overseas Customers

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    In the past 22 years, Yinghua Copper has been focusing on the research and development of special-shaped brass profiles. Yinghua copper is committed to becoming a qualified and reliable suppliers, our products continue to be praised by foreign customers.


    In April 2017, the first batch of brass profiles produced by Yinghua Copper was sent to Washington, a total of 28 tons of brass profiles were delivered, which were well received by customers.




    Because of the difficulty, the customer spent half a year without finding a suitable manufacturer until met Yinghua Copper. In order to support the project, a professional team was set up, led by engineers with 30 years of experience in extrusion profiles, which took two months to complete the sample. During this period, the customer visited our company for three times and gave high recognition to our team.


    "Yinghua Copper a best and reliable supplier in brass profiles " has always been the mission of Yinghua Copper. We will use better products, better quality standards to service bossiness around the world. Thank the customers who have been trusting and supporting Yinghua Copper for more than 20 years!


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