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    Does Copper Handrail Rust?

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    Many people prefer to choose the simple daily maintenance material for decoration. Wooden handrails are easy to paint off, damp, and loose; Iron handrails rust easily. What about the copper handrail?


    Under the normal circumstances, copper handrail will not get rusty. Superior quality of corrosion proof, long-life for use. Many copper artifacts can be preserved intact and not corroded when unearthed. In normal use environment, copper handrail is not prone to corrosion and rust.


    In the production of copper handrail, a surface treatment can be done to form a protective film to prevent oxidation. Avoid scratch a surface, which will destroy the protective layer. Air contact the surface will cause the oxidation which result the corrosion. So as long as protect the surface layer, the copper handrail will basically not rust. Yinghua Copper is specialized in the copper handrail profile, welcome the consultation.

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