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    Brass Profiles Advantages and Characteristics:

    1. Stable performance and long service life;

    2. High strength, good toughness, and good ductility;

    3. Sturdy construction;


    Precautions for Storage:

    1. If damp occurs during transportation, dry with cloth or dry in the sun before stacking.

    2. The warehouse should be ventilated. Generally, the temperature in the warehouse should be kept at 15-30, and the relative humidity should be kept at about 40%-80%.

    3. Avoid pulling, dragging, falling, throwing, bumping to damage or hurt the surface.

    4. If rust is found, use linen or brass wire brush to wipe. Do not use steel wire brush, in case of scratching the surface. Also do not grease.

    5. When serious rust occur, derusting immediately and stored separately, and should not be stored for a long time. If rust cracks are found, should be removed from the storehouse immediately.

    6. In principle, do not undertake derusting or besmear oil. If it is contaminated with rust, it can be removed without affecting the wire diameter requirements and wrapped in waterproof paper.